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Hybrid Voltage Regulators

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Use a Transistor -
Go To Jail (Part 2)

   More hybrids. More heresy. Once more we look into mixing technologies. Voltage regulators, phono preamps, and single-ended power amplifiers are covered this time. Additionally, we take a look at a different way of looking at the RIAA EQ curve. And see how to combine the functions of two circuits into one in this issue's Design Idea.
  Well, it's April, where is our joke? I guess it will have to be that there is no April issue. Taxes and writing a new tube-related program have decimated my available time for writing this journal.
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   The aim here is to combine both technologies, solid-state and hollow-state, so as to produce a better design than the use of only one technology would be yield. Tubes are very robust in the presence of high voltage, while solid-state devices offer much greater transconductance and lower cost. This gives us our design strategy: use vacuum tubes where heavy duty high voltage work is needed and use solid-state devices where precise, low-voltage circuit housekeeping is needed.

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Hybrid Voltage Regulators
RIAA EQ as Crossover
Design Idea: (L+R) & (L-R)
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  The above solid-state high voltage regulator uses a power MOSFET as the pass device, a zener to deliver the reference voltage, and an Op-Amp to provide the feedback. The MOSFET's gate needs to see a greater voltage   Copyright © 2000 GlassWare. All Rights Reserved