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Subject: ES headphone Amp
  I just discovered your great webzine. Thanks. How do you do it for free?
  I love the look of the rack-mount version of your headphone amplifier with the tube sticking out of the top and the protecting bars. Way cool. So here's the question: Who did the metal work for you and could you offer a kit with that chassis? I have a pair electret headphones that I haven't listened to in a long time because my 7.5 watt 300B amplifier cannot drive the step-up transformer.
Dale W
  Thank you for the compliments. As for kits, we have received several requests for kits in the past, but no kits are available from us, just ideas and software. I have tried to convince an excellent maker of electronic kits to carry some tube projects, as they offer high quality PCBs and parts at a reasonable price. They almost went for the idea, but the of fear the high voltage involved (and the possible law suits) dissuaded them.
  I bought the chassis from a firm in New Jersey a decade ago and punched the holes in the top plate myself. The "cool" bars are just black anodized rack mount handles ($3.00 each). This piece of gear gets more comments from people than any other tube piece I have ever built. One person told me he thought it looked like expensive Swiss medical test equipment.
  I too used to own a pair of electret headphones, Audio Technica ATH-7's I believe, that sounded very neutral and accurate, but one listen to the Stax Lambda Pros made a convert of me. Still, your headphones will sound much better through an OTL amplifier, as the

Subject: What's happening ?
Dear Sir,
What's going wrong with Tube Cad Journal? No drug in February !

Subject: Next Issue?
I have thoroughly enjoyed each issue of Tube CAD Journal and anxiously await the next. When can I expect your next posting?

  First of all a thousand apologies. I am working on a new tube enthusiast software program and it has consumed every free moment I can steel from existence. What might be the best course of action for the Journal's avid readers is to sign up at mindit.netmind.com to have them monitor changes in the our web page and email a note telling you it changed. Its free. Here is a sample:

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