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          Steve Bench's Web Page

     I have thank reader Morgan Lundberg for the link to Steve's web page.  I almost fell out of chair when I followed the link. Steve Bench has performed a true service for us tubeholics. His web page is devoted to tube topics that cannot be found elsewhere, such as a battery powered RIAA phono stage or "Directly Heated Triodes operated with lower voltage on the filaments." The part swappers will despair upon seeing experiments, spreadsheets, formulas, curve traces, and solid-state devices in the schematics, but the intellectually rigorous will delight.
    The best complement I can pay Mr. Bench is to say that if I had seen his web page several years ago, I probably would not have felt the need to create this journal. Definitely add this site to your favorites.

   1  Low power OTL
   3  Hybrid amps article
   5  OTL output impedance
   7  Dynamic bias for SE amp
   7  April / May issue errors
   8  Variable mu/remote cutoff tubes?
   8  McIntosh amplifier
   9  MC phono stage
10  SRPP
10  Preamp circuit
10  B+ supply
13  Current regulated heater CCT
13  Negative high voltage regulator
14  Thanks
16  Para-Feed single-ended OTL
17  Solid-state 6L6
17  EL509
19  Portable headphone amplifier
19  6N3P preamp, do you have some 
20  Active DC offset correction for


E-Mail from where?
    The rule has been to omit last names and e-mail addresses unless the writer had clearly expressed for their inclusion. This rule will continue. However, a few readers have asked that all e-mails include the country of the sender. I like this idea and hope to see these inclusions. So please where are you from?

Subject: low-power OTL
     I deeply appreciate your efforts with the Tube CAD journal, and I read them frequently, although as a beginner there is very little I can contribute.
    However, in your April-May 2001 edition "emails" section, you address the question of a low-power OTL amp, and expressed a wish for triode-connected curves for the EL509. Well, here they are! I hope this helps.
    I am interested in the forthcoming 4W OTL article, although I am looking for a quality "one watt" amp for using with my 105 dB/W JBL 2404 treble horns above 5 kHz. So if you come up with a real cheapie version without too much extra work over your 4W design, I would probably take it on!

Adelaide, Australia

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