October 98   
Zero Gain Line Stage Amplifier
No gain, no pain. Many audiophiles prefer to use passive attenuators, which have zero gain. However, there are circumstances that demand the use of a high current line stage. So here is the design goal: no voltage gain, but a healthy output current delivery.     Schematic

September 98   
Medium Gain Line Stage Amplifier
This line stage uses the Constant Current Draw Grounded Cathode (CCDGC) amplifier topology. A Grounded Cathode amplifier cascaded into a Cathode Follower...what could be more obvious? Here is where the twist comes in: the Cathode Follower's output is not taken directly at its cathode.     Schematic

July 98   
Medium Gain Phono Stage for MM Cartridges
The objective is a two stage phono preamplifier that uses interstage passive RIAA equalization for use with medium output moving magnet cartridges.    Schematic


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