The grid is at -102 volts and the cathode follows at -100 volts. As the grid sees a varying voltage, the cathode follows causing voltage across the load resistor to follow along. Once again the tube and its load resistor are blind to what topology they find themselves in; all that matters to them is the voltages applied.
    This same transformation can be transferred to the grounded cathode amplifier. We start with a generic grounded cathode amplifier and shift the plate resistor to the cathode. (This topology was actually used quite a bit at the first third of the last century in microphone amplifier circuits and other circuits that only required one gain stage, as multiple stages or channels require multiple independent power supplies.)

    And if we wish to use to the vertical vs. horizontal distinction,  we could call them "the inverted vertical grounded cathode amplifier" and "the vertical inverted cathode follower." Surely, this is more informative than something like "the super-ultra-linear amplifier or "the super-ultra-mega-linear follower," but it is still quite a mouthful. 
    The grounded cathode amplifier and the cathode follower are simple circuits, but what about complex, compound circuits such as the White cathode follower and the cascode; can they be made horizontal? Yes, indeed.

The Horizontal SRPP

The famous SRPP amplifier

    Once again, this circuit function identically in terms of gain, phase, and output impedance to a generic grounded cathode amplifier. Increasing the grid voltage causes the tube to increase its current conduction, which creates a greater voltage across the load resistor, which in turn forces the plate negatively, as the other end of the resistor is fixed by its connection to ground.
    What should be this circuit's name? Both this circuit and the previous cathode follower circuit are functionally identical to their generic counterparts, but inverted in topology. So why not refer them as "the inverted grounded cathode amplifier" and "the inverted cathode follower?"

Horizontal SRPP

    This variation could have come later in the article, but I know that for many readers if the words "300B" or "SRPP" do not appear after so many pages, they stop reading.



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