voltage equal to the ratio its rp defines in relation to the plate resistor.
   In summary, this circuit is a grounded cathode amplifier, differently arranged, but identical in function. Understand, the tube does not know what topology it finds its self in; it only knows what cathode-to-plate voltage and grid voltage it is experiencing. If these voltages change, then its current conduction will change in response. And the same hold true for the plate resistor; it only sees voltage across its leads.
    We could call this circuit "the Circlotron grounded cathode" or "the SE Circlotron." But why? The name Circlotron has confused more than it has informed, as all functioning single-ended and push-pull amplifiers complete circuits, i.e. define current circles. A better name for this topology would be "the horizontal grounded cathode amplifier." This name would find a complement in renaming the grounded cathode amplifier "the vertical grounded cathode amplifier." My reasoning is that "vertical" and "horizontal" serve to label a group or class of topologies. And this group or class contains more than just this one member, as we see in the following circuits.


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