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E-Mail from where?
    The rule has been to omit last names and e-mail addresses unless the writer had clearly expressed for their inclusion. This rule will continue. However, a few readers have asked that all e-mails include the country of the sender. I like this idea and hope to see these inclusions. So please where are you from?

   I am going to stop predicting what will show up in the next issue, since most of the articles have been a result of letters from readers, which usually arrive after the prediction is made.

Link of the Month

          Elliott Sound Products

     Rod Elliot is a gutsy Australian (are there any other kind of Australians?) who has put a good deal of work into providing an excellent resource for us audiophiles. Although his web site is primarily devoted to solid-state circuits, there is plenty of tube related information there as well.
     Beginners will find several first-step articles that are well worth reading. And experienced electronic practitioners will find his explication of solid-state amplifier design illuminating and a little controversial, which is part of the reason of why I am so heartedly recommending this web site. Solid-state design is not completely mapped out; there is still plenty of innovation and discovery to be had.
    In addition, he sells circuit boards for the projects he describes at a reasonable price and his design services.

Subject: Another plea for circuit help
      I do really hate asking JRB for help, as I realize that the Tube CAD Journal is devoted to what is possible, not what is broken. But I own such a poor sounding line stage amplifier that I am desperate. I now easily understand how the world switched from the vacuum-state to solid-state. It is an Antique Sound Labs AQ-2004 line stage. It looks cute, but sounds absolutely dead. My friends tell me to spend a few hundred dollars on part upgrades, which I just cannot afford right now. Two years ago I would thought that this was the only option. Today, after having spent the last year reading this journal, I know better: something is wrong with the topology and execution, not just the part quality.
    My guess is that the 12AU7 input tubes and the 12AX7 cathode follower are mis-biased and that the first stage should be drastically modified or removed. If you have the time and the wish to help me, I will be greatly thankful; if not, I understand, as you must get hundreds of requests per year. Thanks anyway for such a great FREE resource (much better than the late
Glass Audio) for us tube lovers.


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